Thursday, July 23, 2009

2nd day w/ Peace Corps

Feel much better bright and early. Slept well, (like a stone), breakfasted, caffeinated, logged in. :-)

Small children w/ mom on plane yesterday:
mom: do you know where we are?
kids: Washington, DC
mom: do you know who lives here?
kids: Barack Obama
one of the kids: Can we go see him? :-)

Have been aware of feelings as I've left family/friends. Almost bawled like a baby the last time I hiked w/ my hiking buds. (But must have been hormonal; this reaction didn't really occur any other time.)

Almost cried w/ my grma.
Felt sick to my stomach when seeing mom for the last time.
Then, had a panic attack. (But I was inside Wal-mart. A panic attack is typical for me inside a Wal-mart.) :-)
Almost cried w/Deanna at airport (but was trying to be "strong.")

Bawled like a baby, sitting at my window seat identifying landmarks while flying out of Louisville. I love Louisville. Miss it already.

Am off to cancel my health insurance plan. I'm Peace Corps problem now! :-)

Huge hugs, karen
disclaimer: words/experiences my own, not Peace Corps approved.


  1. I am not worried, I am not worried! All is well here. I got Sparky to enjoy the food he threw up a second time because it contained $15 worth of flea meds in it. Thought you might enjoy that! Compulsively checking to see if my phone has rung like it will tell me when you are on the ground. Hoping you are safe and happy, like you always say. Will write you snailways. My heart is so full of love for you, bella.

  2. Joe Cichan requests that you forgive his absence at your party. He got a new grandchild named Tessa the Friday prior and had adorable pictures for us to enjoy today on the hike. Tony and Wayne wanted you to know, we finished the hike at 11:30 and on time since we didn't have you overturning and photographing mushrooms. They all love and miss you in a huge way. All my love.