Monday, December 21, 2009

Sorry! Not gone yet, fellow volunteers, and the baby barbet AGAIN

Can't you tell that I've had unlimited internet access? I've been way too chatty and am happy to say, as I'm sure you're happy to hear, that I'm all blogged out.

I've finally, finally uploaded pictures of my fellow volunteers. They may be viewed on my facebook page (but you need not be a facebook member to see these photos) at:

I am very impressed with my fellow volunteers--especially the young ones! I often wish I had "had it all together" at their age. Everyone is very bright, witty, talented and skilled.

Of our group of 44 or so, I'll hazard to say that most of us are under the age of thirty. I guess about 10 or so of us is my age (46) or older.

Our group may have been unique as far as Peace Corps Volunteer groups go. We initially had SEVEN couples on board to leave for South Africa, but we lost a couple before we left Washington, DC. However, we still ended up with an amazing number of couples: SIX!

The pictures posted are of us together during pre-service training and at the swearing in ceremony: September 2009. I haven't seen most of them since then, but hear everyone is well.

And I wanted to tell one more story of my bird stories. Last night, on the tail-end of my evening stroll, I sat under a row of pepper trees so I could watch all the birds in the branches in their evening habituations. A baby barbet (the mostly-yellow bird with a red bib, a scruffy crown, and nose hairs--I've already posted his picture) lighted very near to me--within 10 feet--and I could see and hear him very well.

He was quite brave, probably very young, and not easily spooked so I admired him for quite some time. I was able to manage a few photographs, but they didn't turn out well enough to post. Well, maybe I'll try ONE. :-)

What the heck, I'll post all three. Maybe you can zoom in to see him better. He's really quite sassy.

But my favorite thing about him is that he is quite noisy and chatters up a storm. But if his voice box is off, he sounds just like a purring cat! I enjoyed his purring and twitting about very much!

Be back in a week, Karen