Thursday, January 14, 2010

slow photo day, more holiday greetings, and back to school

Hi everyone!

It's back to school this week, so I've been busy not blogging! It may continue (my not blogging) through February, because we're off to more training next week. (I know, I know, why are we going to training when school has just started? I can only say, it is the South African way.)

So, pictures. Pretend it is a game. Can you find a goat (or two) doing something interesting? And the card fronts are just that: fronts of cards enclosed in my holiday backlog. I'm saving these to use as decorations for my next Christmas in South Africa. Thanks guys!

I'm really tired and hope to keep this brief (she always says!).

Yes, it was back to primary school for educators on Monday, and the learners returned on Wednesday.

For my primary school, I will be teaching sixth-grade English. The head of department decided it would be nice for me to work with the sixth graders, since I will see them through both sixth and seventh grade English (they "graduate" to high school after the seventh grade).

And, all of my planning for lessons so far, hasn't worked as planned! Which fits, since I'm now residing in the land of no-planning! Talk about expanding a comfort zone!

I've mostly helped out with processing books, etc., this week, and was supposed to be "subbing" for a 4th/5th grade English teacher this week, but she showed up today (hence, my planning not working out). My official start, hopefully, with my sixth-graders, will come tomorrow. We'll see.

The class is full of 70 learners, but they're to be divided into two sections. So, usually--and hopefully--I'll only have 35 at a time. But I'll have 70 tomorrow.

The college is busy registering students and I'm not sure yet how I will be serving them. I've asked to teach an English section and they also want me to oversee their "Reading Excellence" program.  I won't know for sure until next week (or even later).

My teaching year is shaping up nicely. Let's hope it stays that way!

More on random questions:

(By the way, in regards to living without refrigeration, I DO MISS cheese!!) :-)

Someone mentioned that I was without water and electricity earlier in my stay at the college, and asked how my utilities had operated over the holiday. Well, the tiny superstitious part of me hates to say it, but I've had water THE WHOLE TIME and my electricity has gone out only occasionally, and for not very long. I'm a lucky girl. (And hope I haven't jinxed myself in saying so!)

Ok, so I am very, very tired and must go home to "plan" for my big day with the sixth graders tomorrow. Wish me luck! (And as has happened all week, my "plans" aren't likely to play out.)

I want to tell my Aunt "Happy Birthday!" She'll turn the big EIGHT OH on Sunday! Wish I could be there with you Aunt Bea!

And remember worry-worts, I may not sign on again until Feb 1, or later. No worries, I am very busy!

Soon, as I can, Karen

ps. The greasy-neck, chicken-skin eyed pigeon is called an African speckled pigeon (Columba guinea) and he shows up three times a day now, with his GIRLFRIEND. I'm feeding them, and am sure to be sorry!

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  1. If you are still on, be sure to remain aware of your surroundings and those in your space. Keep yourself safe while you are distracted and busy!
    Get back to us on blog asap. I am spending some time with Aunt Bea on Saturday and will bring your love with me.