Monday, September 21, 2009

Dimakatso is also referred to as "my daughter"

... in that when she would come visit me, my African parents would say, "Your daughter is here to see you."

Isn't she gorgeous? The little guy in the background I tried to shoo away to no avail. I'm glad I didn't succeed: he really adds to the character of the photo.

I'm trying to figure this whole "post photos on my blog" thing. I had hoped I could have albums posted (in the same way that Facebook allows). So far, I've only discovered how to post one at a time. Bear with me and I hope to figure it out.

A bit more on Dimakatso. (DEE mah kot so). I love this little girl. She is very sweet and kind. My Mma Emily would invite her over to dance for me. I was very uncomfortable with the sexually suggestive nature of the dance (she is only 10 years old) and would wince when Mma called her to come. Often times, girls would come in groups to dance for me. Again, the nature of the dancing, for such young girls, was unsettling.

I often wondered if Mma would call the girls to come dance, because really SHE wanted to dance and sing. At gift giving occasions and handing out of sweets she often behaved in a way I thought immature. It was gently pointed out to me that my host mother was probably married around the age of 10-12 and if so, how emotionally matured could she have become? Good point.

Now, back to figuring out photo postings. More in a bit, karen/molebogeng

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  1. hiya!
    will you keep us posted on your soap stock. i will be sending some next week unless you've received 3000 bars.

    i started writing you a real letter almost two weeks ago and it sits, unfinished, in the kitchen. what is my problem?! perhaps i have the maturity level of your Mma.

    i think about you all the time when i'm outside. we had the most lovely surprise last week when some big fat yellow irises bloomed out back. go figure! i harvested more green peppers and chives today which will be in tonight's dinner.

    i'm so happy to read that you have good veggies. but no water, daggone that's a pain.

    it's great sleeping weather, but i have to admit i turned the heat on yesterday to take the edge off. i wish i could be experiencing my second spring of the year.

    much love