Monday, March 1, 2010

Friday evening… 26 February 2010

Follow me along on my evening stroll...

This is my South African version of a garden spider. Isn’t he lovely? Or she… Haven’t identified her, but when I do, will let you know. She resides in this magnificent clump of lavender. If you look closely, you can see her.

The lecturer’s theater is where I hope to have Saturday night movie night, if I ever get a proposal written and some funding obtained for a DVD player/projector.

And the library, where I love to hang out.

Then you see the long road that I haul my grass clippings down to the garden and can understand why the people here think I’ve lost my mind.

And a favorite pepper tree, that even though burned, still carries on. I feel inspired by its efforts.

And a sunset.

Hope you enjoyed my Friday night stroll.

Soon, Karen

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