Monday, March 1, 2010

My primary school

We have had two horrible storms this season and my primary school has suffered loss in both. The first one happened while I was away at training and the second one was last week. It was thunder, lightning, wind, and heavy rain for all of 30 minutes, but the damage was extensive.

This is my primary school. I had hoped to show you pictures of the horrible damage my school’s structure has experienced in a storm last week, but have been asked not to. Actually, I was told that I could share with my family and friends, but “not the whole world.”  :-)

Basically, one large pepper tree was completely uprooted and we lost the whole roof of one building and roof damage on another.

But, here are some legal pictures to post: undamaged buildings with the South African flag up the pole; our grounds keeper; the teachers’ lounge; wonderful women who feed + 500 every day (and wrangle those large, three-legged cast-iron pots during special occasions!), and educators and staff.

Soon, Karen

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