Thursday, April 8, 2010

the February storm that blew away my primary school

Hi there!

I was asked not to publish these photos at the time of the storm but have since been granted permission.

We had a horrible storm back in February that lasted all of 30 minutes.  In that thirty minutes, the storm destroyed the school badly enough that my two classes of grade six English have become a one class of 63 students!  (My sixth-graders' classrooms were destroyed and they've been re-housed all together into one room until the repairs can be made.)

It also uprooted a massive pepper tree, that the students ultimately used as a climbing post for gobs of fun.

I guess some destruction isn't all bad?

Soon, Karen


  1. Was that the pepper tree you took your picture in front of?

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  3. Yes, that's another living pepper tree in the background.