Thursday, April 1, 2010

the Lion Park near Pilanesberg March 2010

On our way out of Pilanesberg, Palma overwhelmed us even further with a visit to a lion park very near a hotel where we had lunch. The lion park had lions of all sizes to see: we stared at a lovely male with a tremendous mane lounging in the shade with three (or four?) gorgeous females.

But the thrill in the lion park, for me, was entering the area where young lions are kept for petting and pictures. And of course, I have never been this close to a lion before.

Lovely shot of both Liz and Emily holding a baby lion. He seemed a bit grumpy (and squirmy!) so I passed. He didn’t like being petted either:

Me: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh. Lovely kitty.

S/he: I’m not a damn kitty!

Me: You’re right!

S/he: I’m a LION.

Me: You most certainly ARE A LION.

Playing with lions after a day of jaw-dropping beauty. I’m a lucky girl.




  1. I'd have made sure it was post-lunchtime before I went in there. You look lovely in there with the little cub. I want more details of this experience!

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  4. Deanna, yes, post-lunchtime.

    Actually, another family was in the enclosure with us. The family included a young boy. Mommy wanted son to go stand in the corner with the three oldest lions for a picture. Son, intuiting the keen interest in him by the three lions older lions objected tearfully.

    One of my companions commented, "She's throwing her son to the lions." Indeed.