Friday, August 6, 2010

A day at “my” primary school…

I took my camera to my primary school on Thursday, August 05, 2010, because, well, why not?

Actually, I took it because I thought the teacher’s might go on strike next week, and if they did, well, who knew when I might get some pictures of my primary schoolers. (Actually, the teachers still may strike next week: no one seems to know.)

So, no special occasion, just some random, mostly candid shots.

Please note our “lunchroom ladies.” They usually cook meals inside, but my school seems to have run out of funds for purchasing gas to power the school’s gas cook stoves. So, our lunchroom ladies are cooking for 500, outside, on a wood fire. And I thought my job was tough…

Lunch was, well, you can see what lunch was. And yes, that is what it looks like. :-)

The rest are random shots in the classroom and out of the classroom. The outside shots are of learners at lunchtime.

More pictures are posted at my Facebook page. You need not be a Facebook member to view the photos:


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