Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goodies from home!

Goodies from home…

I continue to receive goody packages from home and it’s always a thrill to go to the post office and find a package waiting. However, I have yet to overcome the shock of how much it costs to ship things, and always feel as though I’m having a stroke at seeing how much a friend or family member has spent to send me a package overseas. Without exception, the cost of shipping the package is more (often MUCH more) than the value of the contents inside!!

After I mourn the cost of shipping the package and carry it safely home, I’m like a kid at Christmas opening it!

Many of you have sent packages loaded with school supplies—always a hit with the kids (if I can keep them away from the educators!!) and more often than not, you tuck a few goodies in for me:

This latest package contained lots of goodies for the kids: cool pencils and sharpeners for the kids—very colorful and erasers in neon! 

And, as often is the case, this package had some goodies for me as well: GOOD dishtowels (how did you KNOW I needed dishtowels?!) of the IKEA brand. These are a special treat as I can’t even afford to go to the IKEA website! ;-)

Also included was a box of note cards: these continue to come in handy as I have lots of “thank you”s and “I’m sorry for your loss”es and a personal note is very well-received.

And a current Farmer’s Almanac (goody, goody, gumdrops!).

The sender(s) of this package actually smuggled me in some vegetable seeds and I had a grand time planning a garden--and feeling more than a bit homesick! I have yet to muster the interest in gardening in Africa that was squashed earlier in the year… But having the seeds in hand is sure to do it!

And I love, love, love the “Kentucky Proud” bag and personal notes from home!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In an earlier package of school supplies from a different sender, there was included inside a “coffee table book” of my favorite place in the world: Louisville, KY. The book is full of wonderful photos of my favorite places around town. I cried and cried looking at it. Although the sender certainly sent it so that I could use it as educational material, I think I’ll hang onto it for awhile and have my “lessons on Louisville” closer to the time of my departure!

Thanks as always for the yummy gifts! I feel loved, very much so, from far across the sea!



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