Friday, May 14, 2010

I will miss the IMAX windows...

and the hot water and flushing toilet, but that's all! 

Stayed last night in my new digs.  I felt my frayed nerves knitting themselves back together in the calm and the quiet of my new home.  I think I may be very happy there.

I'm posting some pre-cleaning pics...  Will update you when I clean and settle in a bit...

I love that the guys installing the security bars made them "pretty" for me.  All of this with a welder and some steel rods...  Craig Kavier, watch out!

I took a picture of me in the mirror because I HAVE TWO!!  (Mirrors are few and far in between in rural South Africa.)

I'm posting a picture of all the trailers together because many of you are afraid that I'm "all alone."  The Campus Office and classrooms are to the left of the photo (not pictured).  I'm safe, I'm safe, I'm safe!  Please, no worries!

I can't tell you how emotional this week has been for me and it has been quite a feat... Perhaps at some point I will feel up to telling you the whole story. Suffice it for now to know that I am moved, I am safe, and am feeling certain to be much happier in my new home.



PS.  I scrubbed my bathroom last night...   I was thinking, as many times as I've moved, I'm so tired of scrubbing someone else's old, crusty, dried on pee from the toilet seats... How many times must one do this particular chore in one's lifetime!  :-)


  1. It looks OK...I hope you will be safe and happy! Can you get a new t-seat? If it doesn't will you use it? The t looks SCARY! Is that a big drop off from the front door still? I can feel from here the relief you must feel and I know you will be better off there. Thanks for the group shot of the other trailers. Which one is yours? Dan misses his Momma. We all miss you and love you.

  2. I cleaned my bathroom and toilet, all the way around. It feels MUCH better. Flush it by dumping buckets into the bowl. Toilet repair promised this week... Stairs to entrance semi-repaired... Relatively safe for me (I know where to step.) Will keep trailer location semi-private due to security reasons. I'm in the middle somewhere!! Miss my Daniel too... Am so grateful he is safe and well-fed. Love to you all!