Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my new best friend

Many of you, and perhaps all of you, have heard of my horror story of a long journey on a public mini-bus. (I have so many interesting conversations: blog, Facebook, phone, email. I can never keep track of what I've said to whom. So sorry if you're suffering a repeat.)

The journey was long (4-5 hours), the driver young, and more than once during the ride, I felt I would die. It was a very uncomfortable five hours, and while I'm not one to "bargain" with god (If you let me live, I'll do this...", I did promise myself that if I survived, and if I could at all manage, I would never, ever subject myself to the risk of a long-distance mini-bus ride ever, ever again.

Hence, my new best friend. Meet Intercape. This bus line gets me where I'm going safely and comfortably. Not once did I worry about the driver playing chicken with on-coming traffic while passing at 80-miles-an-hour; not once did I worry about my ears bleeding because the music was so loud; not once did I worry that the driver was taking a curb at too-high a rate of speed; not once did I worry about the tires blowing out; not once did I worry about suffocating (the public, mini-bus taxis operate with closed windows and no air conditioning); not once did I worry that I would loose a limb due to a lack of circulation (the public mini-bus taxis are filled to overflowing and don't move until so filled . On my taxi ride back from shopping this weekend, there were 19 of us in a 15-seat van. I had been to town for groceries, as had everyone else. So imagine 19 people in a 15-seat van with at least 3 large bags of groceries each. Oh, and as it was pensioners day, and many were paid, meaning everyone on the mini-bus was drinking. And we're not talking Coca-colas here.)

When I boarded Intercape for my first ride, I almost cried. Not only would my travel be safe and comfortable, but when riding on the top deck, one feels like one is riding a Disney ride. I enjoyed every second--and arrived safely with all nerves and limbs intact.

Soon, Karen


  1. This is great! I saw your tootsie in the window! Looks like a lovely ride. What did the sign on the top of the seat say? I love thinking of the grin on your face as you rode on your double decker bus.

  2. The pictures are so good. You are the best at describing things.