Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My second new best friend...

When we travel we stay at hostels called Backpackers.  They're very popular because they are inexpensive and they offer "deals" to Peace Corps Volunteers. (They know we're good repeating customers.)

There were a couple of times that I was caught in Pretoria too late to continue my travel and had to stay overnight at a Backpackers.  These trips found me very traumatized by the travel (many hours in a public taxi--minibus--with all of the previously mentioned discomforts.

And arriving in Pretoria and visiting the taxi ranks all in of themselves is quite an overwhelming event.

On the times I was "stuck" in Pretoria, I stayed at what I now call "the partying Backpackers."  See pictures below. I have to say, I LOVED the spanish lavender at the Party Backpackers though...

Now the photos above are of my new "best friend."  The last time I was in Backpackers, I knew I would be staying in Pretoria so I made arrangements (rather than just ushering off to the same Backpackers as everyone else did).

I've found a more quiet Backpackers, it's closer to the PC headquarters, the Embassy, and the University of Pretoria.  (I want to visit the Embassy and the UofP--which is probably now called the University of Tswane--so I can see/use their libraries.)

In any case, I've fallen in love with this new--to me--Backpackers.  It's a softer, gentler stay.  It's quiet, more private, quiet, quiet, and quiet!  (Can you tell what is important to me?)

They also offer transportation to and from the taxi rank, feed you breakfast, and arrange tours of all the sights, if you'd like.  I LOVE them!  Now that I will probably never travel to Pretoria again, I know where to stay!  (kidding!)

Soon, Karen


  1. WOW! How's that gate work? The hostel looks awfully comfy. Will you get to stay there again if you wish? Thanks for sending these! The snow picked up again this afternoon around 4:30 and then the wind picked up and is gusting at around 35mph with temps in the low 20's. 8-9 inches of snow on the ground. And it's thick wet snow. Heavy stuff! Is it getting hot there yet?...I wondered as I shoveled snow this morning :)

  2. Beautiful woodwork in the windows and furniture, too.

  3. Yes, I love the woodwork in the comfy Backpackers. The one photo is of the electric fence; you see these in all of the residences in Pretoria.

    I want snow! It's been hot here for awhile. I can't imagine snow or cold... I'll bet it's pretty but everyone is sure to be snowed in.

    Is everyone having a week off? I'm jealous!

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