Thursday, February 25, 2010


Another bunch of goodies from home: spices, herbs, spices, herbs, spices.  I'm tickled and feel ridiculously happy with my new variety of YUM!  This will certainly see me through my remaining year and a half.  Yes, I'm almost able to say I have a remaining year and a half.

I also received some homemade twine, news clippings from home, stickers, and inspirational reading.  And letters from home!  YUM!

One of my favorite things to use is rosemary sent to me from my garden last spring. I have two varieties and while it is suggested to use rosemary with meat, I use it to flavor everything: beans, rice, soup.

Remember the flower I noticed at the Pretoria Botanical Garden that I thought was a protea?  It is.  The common name for this on us "sugarbush protea" (Protea repens) and is South Africa's best known protea.  Its image is found on SA's 20c coin.  (Image is mine, a repeat.)

Do you remember these black and yellow bugs that I thought were bees?  These are actually a garden pest called a CMR beetle.  (Don't have Latin name handy, sorry!).  They are named CMR beetles because their strips resemble the stripes of the Old Cape Mountain Rifles. (Image not mine; see below for web address.)

And this guy is a snap (not my image; see below) of the twig wilter.  Remember my story about me picking big bugs in the garden, the one with armored legs?  This is him. Isn't he a bugger?

Soon, Karen

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