Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still laughing...

About a week ago, I was preparing my breakfast and noticed a bug on the inside of my oatmeal bowl. He was very tiny and I had never seen a bug like this before. I thought, "Ick. I hope this new bug has just flown in the window and decided to land near my breakfast" and quickly brushed aside the thought that the bug might be coming from inside my breakfast. (Denial.)

Then I saw the bugs again, and although disgusted, I figured the bugs would be killed when I cooked the oatmeal. The old joke is, it's extra protein.

I had convinced myself that the oatmeal was the only food item contaminated and discarded it. Today, when I was eating my whole wheat cereal, guess who came crawling out of my breakfast?

I believe he is a saw-toothed grain beetle, and is pictured in the photo above.

I'm still laughing!

Soon, Karen

The following link is where the photo above officially lives:


  1. By the way, my infestation is no where nearly as bad as pictured in the photo. I only find one or two very small bugs at a time.

    Am off to clean out my refrigerator freezer, which is really my pantry where I keep my dry goods!

  2. Is there a cellar where you are? Maybe a cooler place where you could store dry goods? And a metal tin because plastic may be a breeding ground if it is hot enough. Check shelf dates on your dry goods when you buy them too and get as fresh as possible. New phone number...same as the old one but last four numbers are 1996.