Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day at the college

Our college offers certification in  hospitality (restaurants, hotels, etc.) and our department hosted a "Valentine's Day Dinner/Dance."  The campus has both a restaurant and a Guest House where the students practice their theory! We had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant and the food was delicious!

(Notice the "hors d'oeuvres tray," but don't tell Susan H!!  These snack trays are presented at every eating event I've attended, and are quite popular with the people I live with.)

Below are my table mates: Jolane (JOE lah nee), her baby daughter, and Emily/Lesego:

Below are shots of the outstanding Hospitality faculty and the super-star students:

And lastly, parting shots, Jolane and baby departing, notice the baby "carrier."  Emily and I in my room after attending a special Valentine's Day service at "my" church.  The service was interesting; it was more in line with what we'd expect at xmas or Easter: the church was attractively decorated, special guests were invited, etc.; (I didn't get shots of the actual service.) And a parting shot of the little one. 

Soon, Karen


  1. I think I am seeing french fries, cheetos, and marshmallows? Is that also an unwrapped bit of candy? Is there a theory on nutrition?

    You look wonderful! I love your dress.

    How did your classes go today?

  2. Actually, you're seeing two kinds of cheetos--regular and fire hot, potato chips, marshmellows, and hard candy. No french fries, but I wouldn't be surprised if they turn up!

    As with all "politics of food" trends, the rich eat healthy and the poor do not! The snack foods are inexpensive and readily available and are what most people eat. Vendors sell these items to the school children for "lunch."

    The dress is a new wardrobe addition from the "clothing exchange" the volunteers hosted at our last training. My colors! :-)

    Classes are going, well, I'm soon to blog all about it! :-)