Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day on the beach--Fish Hoek on False Bay

I spent Christmas Day on the small beach in Fish Hoek on False Bay. Raquel, the other park volunteer from Spain, is heading out to do a bit of traveling and needed to catch a train in the late afternoon, so I accompanied her to Fish Hoek and we spent the day on the beach.

It was a lovely, lovely day and many people were enjoying the sun and beach. The sea water was a deep blue but it turned turquoise closer to the shore. The wind was heavy and the waves were crashing. It was a great day for people watching! Only one woman was in the Christmas spirit however: she had on a Christmas-red blouse, a white skirt, and a Santa Claus hat! She made me smile each time she passed.

Other than the girl in the Christmas attire, it didn’t feel very Christmas-like. I hadn’t realized how much of a “Walton’s Christmas” girl I am!

My second Christmas in Africa—on the beach! But my heart, as ever, was in the Ohio River Valley! Love you!


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