Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance: Day Care Graduation

Child day care facilities in my community are called crèches (crèche is pronounced “cresh”) and at one of them at least, a big “to do” is made for the outgoing elders—all of five years old!--that will be moving to Grade R (kindergarten) next year. They throw a big party, a formal ceremony,  with suits and ties and white, fancy dresses, and  caps and gowns and presents and certificates.  Since the participants are so little, it’s great fun and awfully CUTE!

One of my colleagues at the primary school had a daughter “graduate” this year and I was invited to come. It was great fun!  (I also went last year, but was too new and didn't know what to expect and didn't take my camera--silly goose!)

Do we go to so much trouble for our very little ones in the States?


Santa always visits to the creche graduation!

The village children begging for their photo--always my favorites!

This is Baby, in the pearls. She's grown so much in the year and a half I've been here...

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  1. Wonderful, Karen. The black Santa is priceless. B