Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have safely arrived in Cape Town, in paradise, very happy, very busy!

Have safely arrived in Cape Town--it was my easiest trip ever!  The good folks at Table Mountain National Park fetched me from the bus station and have been carting me around since!

I'm in the park for two days now and have barely had time to unpack and I'm repacking now for a two-day hiking trip.  I'm thinking I will be very, very busy and won't have much time to blog, so please don't worry--I'm having a blast!

I may not blog for the next two weeks but I'll make up for it in photos afterwards  In other words, I may not have time for the computer, but I'll be burning my camera up!

My Table Mountain home sits up in a valley that overlooks False Bay. (If you can check on a map, I'm very near the town of Fish Hoek, which is of course, very near Cape Town.)  I can see the ocean from my window, there are wild nasturtiums growing every where, and the house is shaded by a huge, Monterey cypress!

I'm a lucky girl! 

Maybe not too soon,

Karen "Molebogang" Kaye

PS.  More photos of my school children until I can "wow" you with pics of Table Mountain! 

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  1. Cape Town's Table Mountain is an awesome place not to just to hike but to enjoy great views of the peninsula, and I hope that you have a great time. Hopefully you will be traveling the Hoerikwagga trail in the Table Mountain park. It is a great experience that seems not yet to have been discovered by tourists.