Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hiking up the backside of Table Mountain: The People's Trail

Me, overlooking Lion's Head and Robben Island (you can barely make out Robben Island in the background)


I’ve certainly hit the ground running upon my arrival at Table Mountain National Park. In four days, I’ve walked a two-day hike on the People’s Trail (up the backside of Table Mountain); attended a lecture by a noted American in parks management, Robert Manning from the University of Vermont, on park capacity and protection of natural areas; and a meeting of a Cape Town group hoping to raise awareness of the Leopard Toad’s breeding habits. And I’ve yet to officially start my workweek! I’ll be a busy—and lucky—girl indeed!

Um, internet, phone, and well, electricity are sketchy where I am. Please don’t worry; I’ll touch base when I can, how I can.


For more pictures of my two-day hike on the People's Trail, and and to see especially more flowers found in the fynbos (FANE boss), see my Facebook page (you need not be a Facebook member to see these photographs):

Me and Table Mountain volunteer extraordinaire: Raquel.  She's from Spain and is showing me the ropes.


River water on Table Mountain has the color of tea, but it's safe to drink and full of minerals.


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