Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day Celebration with Mother Bear Project

We had a lovely World AIDS Day celebration at our primary school. Approximately 500 learners, educators, staff and VIPs were on hand for music, dancing, and poetry. The children signed a lovely banner created especially for the occasion, “motivational” speakers from the South African organization loveLife (a youth organization dedicated to educating the youth of South Africa about HIV/AIDS), a moment of silence and the lighting of a special candle was observed for all those already lost from the disease, and of course, toy bears from the Mother Bear Project were distributed to the little ones. (Remember! You can help this wonderful organization with knitting or cash! Check them out at

But most of all, WE HAD A BLAST!!


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  1. My bears are coming! Got an email from Amy, they're in the mail. Your pictures are inspirational. Hope I can capture the moment half as well. Love, B